83. MALÉ MAPY PRAHY.   36 paintings based on a map of Prague
1996 – 2007  This was a fun if frustrating project: to make paintings based on a map of Prague whilst keeping enough information for them to be still useful to find your way around.

A souvenir of many visits to Prague
all 390×390 acrylic on card. POA. 1996-2007

86-88. MECHANISMS  1997- 99 constructions in card
These originate from a painting abandoned of 1986. all start from a grid using permutations based on change ringing. needed to get it out of my system!

86. Small mechanisms some of them have variable elements and no prefered way up

88. Light Canon working on layers that will be developed in later paintings



4 Rooms.  A group of large monoprints set in pre 1914 Vienna

 Shards from a wasted utopia.   This large group come at the end of the 3 years when I had worked solely on the computer. and use fragments from the prior work


103. MŮJ NEJKRÁSNĚ DŮM.  2006 

Working from drawings I did in the VILLA MÜLLER, by architect Adolf Loos, I made 3 large prints. Later versions incorporated watercolour.

104-107. COUNTRY AND VILLAGE. Czech Republic, Slovakia, France. 2006.  

A selection from the 200 or so from 2006-8

I took a holiday from high modernism and returned to working outside from the motif trying to purge it of my mannerisms and the general malaise of Factur, Sitting quietly meditating on the constantly changing motif, only to develop some new cliché I suppose.