From a young age I made aircraft from wood and tissue or paper models of many kinds, all part of having facility and dexterous hands that later would turn themselves to building houses or fixing motorbikes. When I realised I had the makings of an artist I would make my own paint, canvas stretchers or frames; simply I like doing practical things be it craft, art or cooking.

When I started going to Czechoslovakia I found it had a thriving paper model community and I revived my early skills, perfect activity for dark winter days. Therefore nearly all of my models have a Czech connection, some when finished get thrown away, the favourites I keep. In 2019 I had the privilege of an exhibition “Czech passion of an English Artist” in Vodňany, maybe coals to Newcastle but it made me proud!

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On and off Since my teens I have made wooden dolls houses. In 2014 I made a Czech farmhouse for a Dolls House museum in the Czech Republic from my head with no prior plans. The next was the Beamish cottage constructed from memories and a subsequent visit to Beamish and is a conflation of 3 cottages. The third was done from plans drawn up by someone else. 

(to be updated at a later date.)