I think 75 is a reasonable anniversary to make a new website, my first was made at 50 and it has long been in need of replacement, so this is the beginning of what will be expanded over the next months.

I became involved with music before painting and the influence of music and how it is structured is central to how I painted and continues to be in much of what I do.

There are recurring idée fixe through all 50 years, Theme and variations either in series Ossias for Dancing is my most complete exploration of that, or within a painting Song to the Dancer II. Text most completely in La Lecture or fluidly in Euridice. Landscape as it is or as a starting point for fantasy Echoing Paths. Using number permutations Eye Music being the earliest Small Mechanisms the most boring but fascinating to do and European Pastorals the most accomplished. Being free as a bird or in a glider Ribblehead and that one is more an eternal obsession.

I work quietly, slowly and with much hesitation: give it time and it might grow to like you!