It exists! 


Around 1960 a friendship with George Baghurst, a stalwart of the Clarion Cycling Club, communism and the International Brigade in Spain got me my first handmade bike, a beautiful thing to ride, which was stolen in 1970 at Sunderland, I was given a Moulton as a replacement, the first of many, and a fascination with the history and design of the bicycle started. But motorcycles took over and my bicycles were neglected. In 1984 I had a serious accident which ended my motorcycling career. In order to get fit for an operation on my leg I started cycling in 2010. After the operation on April 2011 came  a new Moulton TSR which soon rebuilt my fitness. Followed in 2014 by the first Moulton New Series and a year later replaced by the extravagance of a New Series Double Pylon which I adore. But my fascination with the possibilities of bike design makes me join the British Human Power Club and start racing with my first recumbent an Orbit Cristal, that joined by an Optima Stinger in early 2020.