I will be adding to this over the next few months. Eventually this will include a selection of my paintings and drawings from 1966 to 2008


These are the earliest works I own up to. I was influenced by what was happening then in European music, I attempted to use similar numerical/stochastic methods to organise space as composers were using to organise time. The Czech artist Zdeněk Sýkora independently started to use very similar methods and technology in the early 1970’s


Contrafactum is a transcription of a motet by Machault for 3 voices

Hagoromo 1 of 5 based on a Noh play

A Rhythm of Light A theme that wouldn’t leave me alone, it later morphed into the last one Kruhové Vynálezy 10 

Amongst Drifting Tides – Verse & Refrain  using material in different ways as in verse-refrain, closed-open, prose-verse

Vorgefühle 1 of 3 paintings about Berg, Webern and this one Schoenberg is amongst my best.

WATERCOLOUR 1982 -1997

For a period I worked mainly in watercolour, this is a small selection, later I was to take it up again but in a very different way

71-72. EUROPEAN PASTORALS. These 15 paintings are the result of the interweaving of a design cut into the paper and overlaid and woven into the lower sheet. The number, direction and position of the marks are pre-composed, as are decisions if a shape is to be simple or complex, but that still leaves room for improvisation.

83. MALÉ MAPY PRAHY.   36 paintings based on a map of Prague
1996 – 2007  This was a fun if frustrating project: to make paintings based on a map of Prague whilst keeping enough information for them to be still useful to find your way around.

A souvenir of many visits to Prague
all 390×390 acrylic on card 1996-2007

103. MŮJ NEJKRÁSNĚ DŮM.  2006 

Working from drawings I did in the VILLA MÜLLER, by architect Adolf Loos, I made 3 large prints. Later versions incorporated watercolour.

104/5. WATERCOLOURS Czech Republic, Slovakia, France. 2006.  

A selection from the 30 or so from 2006

Taking stock, I took a year’s holiday from high modernsim and returned to watercolour trying to purge it of my mannerisms and the general malaise of Factur, only to develop some new cliché I suppose. 570×400 except 105 at 480×400